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Multi Function CNC For Automatic Glass Cutting

CNC Machine for efficient and precise glass cutting

CNC for Wood & Plastic

CNC Machine with 4 Axes that carves wood and plastic

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Compact and flexible, the IRB 140 excels in various applications. Faster cycle times and versatile versions cater to specific needs.

CNC Machine 4-Axes for PVC Window Frames

Precise 4-Axes CNC for PVC window frames.

CNC Machine Haas TM-2

Precise Haas TM-2 CNC. Large-travel machine. Offers easy operation and HaasConnect remote monitoring.

CNC Machine

Flexible CNC machine for various applications including wood, metal and plastic carving.

FANUC ARC Mate 100iB, R-J3iB

High-performance FANUC ARC Mate 100iD series. Designed for arc welding with advanced features, slim design, and intelligent functions.

FANUC ARC Mate 50i

Compact and reliable, the ARC Mate 50 is a versatile 6-axis robot for high-quality welding in demanding environments.

FANUC ARC Mate 120iB, with R-J3iB

Versatile welding robot. Units available with controllers.

Fanuc M-710iB 45

High-speed, versatile robot. 45 kg payload, 1706 mm reach. Equipped with intelligent RJ3iB controller. Floor, ceiling, or angled mounting options.

Gripper 1

Efficiently automate processes with versatile robotic grippers.

Gripper 2

Securely handle objects with precision using advanced gripper technology.

Gripper 3

Enhance productivity with reliable grippers for seamless automation.

Han's Robot Elfin 5

Flexible 6-axis arm mimics human movement, boosting productivity and easy integration into existing production environments. Canonical Robots, the official distributor.

myCobot Pi

Explore AI programming with myCobot 280 Pi, featuring versatile hardware interfaces and advanced capabilities.

PVC Machine Storage and Cutting

Storage cell and 45° corner-cutting machine.

PVC Window Frame Post-Thermal-Welding Corner Cleanup and Machining with ABB IRB 140

Window frame corner welding cleanup and finishing.

Robocell - Fast Food

Automatic and quick fast food order processor.

PVC Window Frame Welding Machine

A machine that welds window frames automatically and adaptatively.

Robotic Cell for PVC Window Production

The complete window production cell for PVC windows with glass insertion.

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