We Provide Fully
Customized Robotic
Solutions for YOUR Production.

Robbotix offers fully customized robotic solutions tailored to your business needs. A skilled engineer will conduct thorough analysis, designing a solution that maximizes efficiency and productivity. Your unique requirements are carefully considered to deliver a seamless, optimized robotic solution.


Completed Projects

We are proud to say that we have built robots in many fields.


Satisfied Costumers

At Robbotix, we do not leave a single client unhappy with their robot! We do not mark a project as “complete” until the client is a 100% satisfied with their robot.


Effective Team Work

At Robbotix, our dedicated team of engineers collaborates synergistically to tackle and solve your challenges with innovative solutions.


Over 28 Years Experience

Niculae Mihai, PhD in Mechanical Engineering and founder of Robbotix, brings over 28 years of experience and expertise in the field of robotics to the company.


High Technology Factory

Our cutting-edge technology lab in Laval, Quebec is equipped to develop industry-grade robots, showcasing our commitment to innovation.

We build cutting edge robots that will serve your business.

Robbotix is your go-to choice for customized robotic solutions.

Concept Projects.

At Robbotix, we always begin by creating a technical solution video
to demonstrate how we will solve your problem.

Window Frame - Robotic Cell

Automatic window frame assembly cell for increased production rate.

Door Frame - Robotic Cell

Door frame assembly cell system for mass production of door frames.

Door Machining - Robotic Cell

Complete door manufacturing cell system for mass production.

We are a professional and reputable company.

Robbotix is a remarkable robotics company that has been at the forefront of innovation since its establishment in 2009. With a strong commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology, Robbotix has consistently delivered exceptional robotic solutions to its clients.

Robbotix transformed our business with their exceptional robotics solutions, boosting productivity and surpassing expectations.

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What We Do.

At Robbotix, we push the boundaries of what is “possible” with our fully
automated solutions that will boost your production rate.

Automatic Window Factory

An automatic window factory that utilizes advanced robotics to streamline production, ensuring efficient and high-quality window manufacturing.

Door Painting Cell

A kitchen door painting cell that employs automated processes to efficiently paint doors, ensuring consistent and high-quality finishes.

Door Sanding Cell

A kitchen door sanding cell that utilizes automated systems to efficiently sand doors, ensuring smooth and precise finishes.

4-Axes CNC

A CNC system that utilizes advanced automation to enable precise and versatile machining operations for various applications including metal and wood.